Divisions & Innovations

AlHammad Co. Divisions

IT Health solution

We are always looking forward to providing healthcare facilities with the best clinical and medical solutions.
Our Medical Solution division provides Integrated solutions for clinical connectivity to help improve patient safety and enhance caregiver efficiency.
We deliver the right resource to the right person in the right location at the right time, which enables healthcare providers to leverage location services, improve patient care, and reduce operational inefficiencies.

General Medical Consumables

We provide a vast range of products typically used on a day to day basis for a whole host of applications in a clinical environment. It includes syringes, breathing circuits, catheters, drapes, and other equipment that are used with or without medical devices in all kinds of treatment applications for patients.
Medical consumables can be reusable items that are sterilized after each procedure or disposable items that are single-use and disposed of after each procedure.
The choice depends on hospital policy and end-user preference.

Project Management Division

Al-Hammad Co.’s team of experienced industry professionals have
the abilities, skills, and tools to create the best solutions and meet the most
customized requirements. Whether it’s a small or large project
AlHammad Co-Team will be part of the project from planning, designing,execution, to delivering the results you expect and the excellence you demand


We are finalizing contracts with suppliers whom have more than SR 50MM annual sales and has hence decided to build a new storage warehouse in addition to a secondary packaging factory, to help boost sales in the upcoming years.

Dental Division

We operate based on a direct relationship with distributors throughout Saudi Arabia in TAC Dental Division and proudly cooperate with renowned brands in the market.
Our Dental division couples its set of high-quality products with first-rate service offering them to the dental implant specialist community

Sales Division

In a market crowded with competitors, our team was able to rise the company and its products to be on top of all competitors with large market shares, during which Al-Hammad managed to be among the largest share in various sectors.

Medical Furniture

We provide exceptional quality furnishings for hospitals, medical clinics, assisted living homes, and other healthcare facilities. We produce quality furnishings that enhance safety and accessibility and are built specifically for the needs of patients, residents, staff, and visitors.
Our design team works with designers, architects, administrators, and other key personnel, to create customized solutions to meet the needs, budget, space, and environment of our customers

Medical Innovations

Transforming Patient Care

Infant Protection

Ensure newborns are protected and always properly matched with the correct mother

Clinical Workflow

Enable improvements in efficiency, quality, capacity and revenues

Infant Control

Track interactions between patients, staff and equipment to contain infectious outbreaks


Provide patients and visitors with clear and simple turn-by- turn directions directly to a users’ Bluetooth-enabled device

Wander Management

Empower patients and residents with a feeling of control and freedom while ensuring their safety and security

Environmental Monitoring

Meet compliance standards and prevent product loss